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Japan Finally Open For Golf Tourism!

Tokyo, Japan will allow visa-free, independent tourism and abolish its daily arrival cap as of Oct. 11, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said when addressing the UN assembly last week, marking a major policy shift after nearly 2½ years of strict COVID-19 restrictions. That means that golfers can visit Japan freely as individuals and in groups and do not need to be part of a tour. This is great news for Japan's infant Golf Tourism market which in 2019 was just starting to be recognized globally as the most undiscovered golf tourism destination on the planet, and arguably the best in Asia. 

Why now is the time to go

If you haven't noticed the yen is at an all-time low, currently trading as of today at 145 yen to the dollar, that's crazy, no really! Just 12 months ago it was 108 yen to the dollar, so traveling to Japan just got 33% cheaper! Oh and don't forget you have tax-free for tourists, so if you are thinking to pick up some new Japanese clubs on your trip-- now is definitely the time! If you are looking for a Golf shop in Tokyo, check out our Tokyo golf Shop Guide for more. 


How To Book A Round Of Golf In Japan

If you would like assistance in booking a round, simply check out our listings here, inquire and a member of the GIJ team will be standing by to help you with your booking. Please note not all courses listed on the site are available to visitors. We do however guarantee that we can get you a tee time at one of our partner courses here. 

We look forward to helping with your Japan golfing adventure!