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Nakoso Taiga C.C. 勿来TAIGAカントリークラブ

Course Details

  • 18/72
  • 71.9
  • Tomisawa/Katayama
  • 1991

Course Fees

  • ¥6000
  • ¥11000
  • ¥8600
  • ¥13600

Prices shown are an indication of the starting price. Please enquire for the current rates.

Overall Golfing Experience

This course has yet to be rated

Contact Information


  • Joban Expwy
  • Iwaki Nakoso I.C.
  • 159 km (155 km by Joban expressway, 4 km from Iwaki Nakoso I.C.)


Course Enquiry

Where possible a direct inquiry will be sent, but in cases of no English speaking staff Golf in Japan will enquire about the reservations and get back to you within 24 hours.
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