Fujinomori Golf Club
Name in Japanese: ??????????    
Fujinomori Golf Club in Shizuoka prefecture

Contact Information:
Prefecture: Shizuoka
Address: 493 Subashiri, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka 410-1431
Tel: 0550-75-3003
Fax: 0550-75-3004
Email: info@golf-shizuoka.com
Contact: mail us for tee times..:-)
URL:  http://www.fujinomori.jp/

Expwy & I.C.: Tomei Expwy, Gotemba I.C.
Distance:94 km (84 km by Tomei expressway, 10 km from Gotemba I.C.)
Est'd time: 87 mins.
Course Description:
Holes/Par: 18/72    Course Rate: 70.5
Yardage:B-6,339, R-5,987
Description:Fujinomori Golf Club has a big modern club house and lots of friendly staff waiting to greet you. This 27 hole course is right next to a mountain side in Subashiri town, but the holes themselves remain relatively flat despite the sloping surroundings. Its elevation and shade from the nearby mountain make for some pretty chilly winter rounds, but the trade off is comfortable cool summer golfing when other areas of Japan are too hot to even consider playing! Being so close to the eastern side of Mt Fuji you will get good views, but not in the iconic shape youíd expect. Not an overly long course, but water hazards are used well to keep it challenging. The play fees are a wee bit pricey but basically in line with the overall quality and experience.

More to Be Announced..

Playing impression:Fujinomori Golf Club 18hole par 72; Akaba 9 Hole Course Back Tee yardage 3,034 White Tee (regular menís) 2,923 yards; Moegi 9 Hole Course Back Tee yardage 3,272 White Tee (regular menís) 3,064 yards.

To Be Announced (TBA)

Play fees: WeekdaysHolidaysWe accept no responsibility for fees, they are only indicative, please check with club if you need exact rate.
Selfplay  11,50018,000
Caddie  14,65021,150
Notes: Accepted Cards: Visa, JCB, Mastercard, Diners, Nicos (No AMEX!)
Say "Hi" to Bianca, one of their many friendly staff and part of their well trained Japanese/Brazilian team of caddies.

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