ISSUE 2/2005

20 July, 2005  


Koumi RE-EX C.C. in Nagano pref.
Golf in Japan even in the midst of the hot and muggy summer can be enjoyable.

Hokkaido, or Northern part of Tohoku offer cooler climate and absence of rainy season which makes the experience more enjoyable. But you don't have to take a plane to Hokkaido, or a long Shinkansen ride (or even longer drive) to reach the northern parts of the main island to find cool (in double sense) golf destinations.

Nagano prefecture, and the higher parts of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, accommodates courses at higher altitude with dryer air. According to my friend in the meteorology business, temperature decrease by 0.8 degrees centigrade for each 100 m. One of my favorite "high-altitude" courses is Koumi RE-EX C.C. in Matsubara-ko, Nagano pref. It's located on an altitude of 1,200-1,300 m, so you could expect about 10 degrees cooler temperature than in Tokyo.

Need some practice? - Driving Ranges added to the Site

Eastern Golf Club in Sumida-ku
Need to work on your swing before you hit the courses?

In case you haven't noticed, we have now added driving ranges to this site. Currently the database includes all the major ranges in Metropolitan Tokyo area (77 ranges). We plan to add other regions to the database in the future.

For each facility we have detailed information, such as address and other contact information, length of the range, number of bays and indicative fees. When you open the page a pop-up map shows the location of each facility to make it easier for you to select the range closest to your place.
18 holes for 1,000 yen! - Kids Golf Summer Special at Belle View Nagao

Belle View Nagao G..C.
Belle View Nagao G..C. is offering a summer special green fee for kids. Kids can play 18 holes for 1,000 yen.
Restrictions as follows:
  • Kids must be accompanied by at least one adult
         (at regular rate)
  • Kids must be 18 years old or less
  • Offer valid from 20 July to 31 August 2005

    For further details and reservations, contact Bennett Galloway at 090-9892-4319 or email

    No more Academia Hills

    Gold Kisarazu C.C.
    Academia Hills in Chiba, which I know is a popular destination for many of my readers has changed owner, and name. It is now known as Gold Kisarazu C.C.

    The course has been acquired by a new golf group, Gold Golf, owned by real estate developer Gold Crest Co., Ltd., which owns and operations a number of large properties in and around Tokyo.

    Gold Golf owns and operates now four clubs - in addition to Academia Hills also Gold Sano C.C.(previously Verde Sano C.C.) in Tochigi pref., Gold Sapporo C.C. (Sapporo Fuji Royal G.C.) on Hokkaido and Gold Fukui C.C. (Nyu C.C.) in Fukui pref. And it looks like they are hunting for more, perhaps trying to challenge the foreign investors....
    New Golf Columns

    Our columnists provide us with interesting insights on a regular basis. The latest article is MACAU- gambling is not the only game in town by Paul Jones. As you notice, we don't take our title "Golf in Japan" very strictly, we take a broader view as we know that many of you take golfing holidays in other parts of the Asia Pacific region. Therefore we have also included courses in Micronesia on the site, and plan for other areas in the region as well.

    Another recent article, by Bennett Galloway titled: "Golf in Japan: A primer to golfing in Tokyo" is more close to home, for most of us...
    Event Information

    I will post in this bulletin information about coming golf events. If you organize an event that you would like to publishe here (and on the web site), please contact me.

    4 August: U.S. Kids Golf - Summer Tournament 2005
    U.S. Kids Golf will have a tournament for beginning to intermediate kids under 12 in the Tokyo area August 4. Tama Hills course is a full regulation course with fairways adjusted to the age and gender of the golfers. There are 12 groupings with kids of the same group competing together. Category winners may qualify and receive an invitation for the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship in Williamsburg Virginia USA (July 2006).

    For further information, please click at right. 30 September: The DaimlerChrysler Cup
    The Third Annual North America -Europe Golf Challenge, the DaimlerChrysler Cup is played on Friday 30 September at Atsugi Kokusai C.C.. The Cup has already become the one of most exciting amateur competitions in Japan, fielding 72 players in each team. Although both teams are already almost fully booked, registrations are still accepted.

    For further information, including sponsoring opportunities, click link at right.

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