ISSUE 1/2004

29 June, 2004  

Welcome to Golf in Japan!

First of all - you receive this email bulletin because we have been discussing this project with you or you have signed up through the test site. In case you do not want to have futher messages, click  HERE .

The project have now proceeded so far that we are ready to "go live", we have an own domain ( for the site, the course database is completed, there's a log-on system in place if you want to rate courses and maintain a database of your own scores and ratings, we have a fresh piece of golf instructions from Derek Hooper, Director of Instruction at the David Duval Golf Academy at Phoenix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki, a columnn by Gordon G. Simmonds, and much more.

The thing we don't have yet is sponsors... (except for FusionGOL who provide the hosting for the site). So if you are in a position to help me on this issue, either by becoming a sponsor, or by talking to friends who's companies you think might benefit from being associated with this site, it is much appreciated and contact me if you have any ideas. More information on sponsor opportunities is found at the site, or in the project plan HERE (pdf file 1.2 MB).

To get a brief overview of the project and how to use the site, please read below.

Background & Purpose
The idea for this site came partly out of frustration, partly out of an expressed need from fellow foreign golfers in Japan. Frustration over the difficulty to find information on courses, as there is very limited information in English on the courses in Japan, and the trouble to make reservations in English, and similar needs expressed by a large number of foreign residents in Japan. The site is in English only, as there are at least five or six similar sites already in Japanese. At this site you can find information and help on how to improve your golf experiences in Japan. Our ambition is to make this a true 'one stop shop' for golf in Japan for expats, as well as occasional visitors to Japan, who want to enjoy the game of golf here better, and with more ease.

To make the site attractive, interactive and expanding, we need the help of people who play golf in Japan. The rating of courses in a reliable fashion cannot be achieved without input form a large number of players.

We are also looking for cooperation with Japanese web sites, e.g. to make an online reservation system on this site.

Course coverage
In the first stage we concentrate on courses in the extended Kanto area (including Nagano and Shizuoka), i.e. courses you can reach within three hours by car from Tokyo. The database contains now all courses (859) in the 10 prefectures, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama. Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi, Nagano and Shizuoka.
We have also included the courses at the Phoenix Resort at Seagaya, Miyazaki Pref., with whom we have a good cooperation.

Who could use the site
Most parts of the site will be open to all, to make the site popular and to give sponsors better value. But some parts are open only to members.

The idea behind 'members pages' is to increase the reliability of the ratings, and to give those who make ratings an opportunity to check their scores and ratings on courses they have played. Note that your name and score will not be seen by other users. In the comments seen after the rating table on the course pages, the person who made the comments would be identified only by his/her username. The reason why we would only allow members to rate is that otherwise there might be individuals that would abuse the system, e.g. some course staff might start casting a lot of high ratings for their course to come on top of the lists.

How to get started
If you are a first time vistor and would like to fully utilize the site, make ratings and see your play statistics and ratings become a member (all free for time being...), click Register.
Fill out the form and click submit.

To start using the site would like to you should now logon. Fill in your username and password in the boxes and if you want your computer to remember your login to this site, check the box 'Remember me'. Then you are always automatically logged in when you visit this site from the same computer (note that it requires that you have cookies enabled, which they are by default unless you have disabled them).
Then click Login.
NOTE: If you have logged in earlier and checked the 'Remember Me' box you might have to login now once again, because the site is at a new domain and the cookie you made earlier might not be recognized at the new domain.

That's all there is to it!
Please enjoy the site and if you have any questions, comments, or want to report bugs at the site, do not hesitate to  contact me .

Best regards

Clas G. Bystedt