Instruction 1:
The Keys To Greater Distance

Every week we see the PGA Tour Players on TV hitting their balls absurd distances. Golf has become a game of power and distance, even more so than it was even several years ago. The equipment allows every player to hit the ball further and so golf courses are being made longer, thus players want to hit the ball longer, and so the circle goes on.

There are a few very important keys to hitting the ball longer, and over the next few months we will be exploring these keys in a little more detail. In this article I would like to briefly describe each of the components to generating maximum distance.
  1. Use the right equipment - This means using a driver which has the correct loft to match your swing speed and angle of attack, the correct flex shaft, the best shaft material for your golf swing and the correct grip size. Also be sure that you are using a golf ball that again matches your swing speed and thus gives you the best launch characteristics to produce maximum distance.

  2. Power sources of the golf swing - There are 3 power sources in your golf swing.
    A) Wrist hinging in the back swing and unhinging in the downswing
    B) Arm lift in the back swing and fall in the downswing
    C) Body coil in the back swing and recoil in the downswing

  3. Club and ball contact - The golf ball will travel the longest distance when the ball is struck in the middle of the clubface, with the clubface square to the target line.

  4. Body strength and flexibility - This is often the point that is overlooked, and is the main difference between the Tour Professionals and the average player. Having a good range of flexibility allows you to achieve positions in the golf swing, which keep the clubface square during the swing. The strength is not necessarily to help you swing the club faster, but rather so that you can maintain good body positions as the golf club moves at high speed through the hitting zone.
If you want to hit the ball as long and straight as you possibly can, then it is important that you are aware of all the points listed here. Neglect one and you will hit the ball a little shorter. Neglect two components and you will hit the ball considerably shorter. Ignore them all and the local 15-year-old juniors will be blowing it by you.

Next Month - What is the right equipment for my golf game?

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Derek Hooper, Director of Instruction,
David Duval Golf Academy
Phoenix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki

An Australian PGA member since 1994, Derek has been at DDGA since its official opening in April 2003. Since that time he and management company Troon Golf, have grown and developed the programs to where they are now recognized as some of the best in Japan. The Golf Schools are based on the successful model used by the 18 Troon Golf Academies throughout the world, and are delivered in the student's choice of English or Japanese.

Derek has an extensive back ground in motor learning and performance, and its relationship to golf instruction.
After gaining a University degree in Sports Science, specializing in biomechanics and motor learning and performance, he played the Australasian Tour for two years. He later worked at the Nike Golf Learning Center before starting his own Academy teaching Tour Professionals and amateurs. Derek has a AAA level of accreditation with the Australian PGA and a Level 5 accreditation with the Australian Coaching Council, the highest rating available.

To contact Derek, or to get more information on the DDGA Golf Schools please email him at ddga@troongolf.com, or phone 0985 38 1210. You can also see all the DDGA program details at www.seagaia.co.jp/index_e.htm

The David Duval Golf Academy
Since its official opening in April 2003, the Academy has received numerous favorable reviews making it a significant addition to the already famous golf facilities at Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki.

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